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The island is very famous

paket wisata lombok The island is very famous for its pearl chilli and chilli natural beauty on the property is also very famous for its culinary specialties very tasty chili. In this series of articles we will membahan all matters relating to the culinary chili and location of the location where to eat on the island of Lombok. okay this time I will discuss culinary again, without a lot of events cekidot: ~tour lombok There are many reasons why many love with grilled fish dishes. Besides being healthy taste of dishes such as this is very much different from the kind of cuisine that has been presented berkuah. Free from oil, savory taste and a relatively easy manufacturing process makes this type of menu digemari.Begitu many famous barbecued chicken recipe can be encountered in various regions and ethnic groups. Each recipe is unique according to region, race and ethnicity where he came from. I wonder if the dishes have to be excellent in various circles. You can see for yourself, from Sabang to Merauke almost all regions have unique variations of the dishes not least also with local Lombok West Nusa Tenggara. ~ Uniqueness Menu Ikan Bakar Lombok - paket wisata lombok Lombok grilled fish menu actually not much different from grilled fish dishes from other regions. We can be sure at least the same manufacturing process that is roasted or grilled. However skillful hands of this area as well as the secret seasoning that may be used to make this dish has a unique and all its own typical late when compared with the others. A little different from this cuisine is the use of the seasoning cooking condiment. In addition basting also slightly different seasoning spices used in which smeared on the pan and baked fish. No wonder the taste of this dish is typical for our tongue, especially if you have never ate the grilled fish Lombok. paket tour lombok Can you imagine how delicious this dish? Definitely not, but if you want to taste sensation of these dishes NTB you can prepare yourself by learning the grilled fish grilled fish recipe typical of Lombok, which will be given. Want to try to make it? For those of you who want to learn to cook dishes typical of this area you do not need to bother because they do not have the recipe, here you can learn to cook with a guide how to make grilled fish Lombok will be given. Of course you can begin to understand what is important in the process of cooking the menu. Recipes Ikan Bakar Typical Lombok - mutiara lombok Talking about the delicious cuisine but do not include the recipe will be very painful for me, for that I spend too to review this recipe cuisine. If you are interested, are interested and want to try this special menu gurihnya you can walk directly to the area of ​​origin is the region Lombok West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). But if you can not go there for a vacation in a culinary tour you can learn the recipes are below. Specials for you who like to cook, here is a recipe for grilled fish Lombok guidance. harga mutiara -Material - Material Ikan Bakar Lombok 600 grams of fresh water fish, slice-slice back 1 tablespoon cooking oil Ground Spices 2 pieces of red pepper, deseeded 1 teaspoon shrimp paste 1 teaspoon brown sugar 1/2 teaspoon salt Lime / chilli 1 piece

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