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Seger beach

paket wisata lombok Seger beach is located just 2 Kilometres east of Kuta Beach Lombok. Seger Beach also has a coastline that is equal to the Kuta Beach. Mileage from Lombok International Airport in Praya towards Seger Beach about 30 minutes by taxi, travel services, or car, since there is no public transportation pass Seger Beach location. While the city of Mataram will cover the distance of about 52 km with estimated time of approximately 50 minutes to the beach Seger. If, the position we are in the tourist area of ​​Senggigi Beach will further distance to go Seger Beach in Lombok, the time it takes approximately 2 hours drive. tour lombok Not only the landscape is still beautiful and beautiful, but we can also enjoy the underwater scenery is amazing. As with other beach activities, we can can do various activities such beaches on the coast of Lombok Seger, such as sunbathing, swimming, surfing and of course, we could see the sunset. To go to the beach Seger, we just point the way to the Kuta Beach tourist sites. paket wisata lombok As the name implies, this beach presents a refreshing view of the eyes and lungs of visitors, especially when the rainy season arrives. Different when the dry season when the foothill will be very dry and barren. However, during the dry season it gives a beauty of its own. paket tour lombok Seger Beach is an unspoiled beaches and unique because in addition to the white sandy hills and has a panoramic view of the typical beaches of south-central Lombok, the beach is also showing a panorama rocks protruding from the sea is often called the Stone Tengkong (stone mushroom) which can be reached by visitors when the tide is low. mutiara lombok There are two sides Seger Beach, the beach Seger outside and inside. From the entrance lay directly in front of the eyes of the beautiful scenery outside Seger Beach or call the local public beach Seger 2. The rows of hills, rocks protruding from the sea, white sand, blue lagit and color of the sea water spoil our eyes. Seger beach sand beach has a unique texture. On one side, this beach has sand rather large round object. But on the other, there is a very inviting white sand tourists to visit dating. Sege In an exotic beach. harga mutiara To add to the convenience of visitors to enjoy the beauty of the beach Seger, various facilities such as a resort, penginanapan and restaurants are available here. In addition, managers also provide toilets and locker rooms were clean for the added convenience of visitors who want to swim and surf at the beach Seger. harga mutiara As we know that, Seger Beach not only save the beauty but also the legend that until now is still trusted by the local community that is the legend of Princess Mandalika. That's why some people call the beach Fresh as "Legend of Princess Beach Nyale". The legend tells about the beautiful princess named Mandalika son of a king Tonjang Give. Because of her beauty and goodness of temper this many princes who intends to marry. But strangely, every prince who apply none of which he refused. The prince is certainly not accept if the princess diperistri by many princes. Thus, they also agreed to try his luck through the war. Who won the war he is entitled to be the husband of Princess Mandalika. The news soon reached the ears of the princess. He was thinking during the day and night to find a way out. paket wisata lombokFinally he decided to give up his soul in order to avoid war that will take more victims. After doing meditation, then Princess Mandalika invite all princes on the 20th of the month 10 Sasak calendar. Located on the beach Fresh they gathered to listen to the prince who would eventually become the husband of Princess Mandalika. That's when the daughter said that none of the prince that she chose because she had been destined to become Nyale (marine worms) that can be enjoyed by all the people on the month and date when the emergence Nyale at sea level. Shortly after saying that, the daughter-also plunged into the sea. He disappeared without a trace. Shortly thereafter, at sea level emerging small animals are huge numbers. lombok tour Worm-shaped marine animals that have a beautiful color, a blend of black, green, yellow and brown. Animals that are then referred to as "Nyale" incarnation of Princess Mandalika. Seger beach is no ritual is quite interesting to follow. The rituals performed by local masyarakan annually. This ritual is called "Bau Nyale", ie hunt marine worms or "Nyale". This ritual begins when Nyale started to appear around the coast, which is around February to March. The smell ritual is a ritual Nyale local community in honor of Princess Mandalika. Nyale Bau has a close relationship with the Mount Mandalika which is located not far from Kuta Beach. According to the myth, "Nyale" is teinkarnasi of Princess Mandalika. Not only watch, you can also join in the hunt for these marine worms. There are some dishes that are made from nyale. One thing that makes this special ritual, "Bau Nyale" can only be seen on Seger Beach and Kuta Beach Lombok. The admission price and amenities Seger Beach in Lombok mutiara lombok To enjoy the beauty of Seger Beach in Lombok, visitors only need to pay the entrance fee of Rp. 10,000 for the car, and Rp. 5,000 for motorcyclists. Large vehicle parking facilities are also available in this beach area. Upon entering the beach area, we will be greeted with a blue sea with white sand bounded very fine, gusts of wind which will make the mind tired can be refreshed. In the vicinity of the beach, occasionally we will encounter local residents who offer accessories and fabrics typical of the region Lombok. Lodgings or hotels around Seger Beach in Lombok harga mutiara With the increasing development of coastal tourism in the southern part of Central Lombok, especially in Lombok Kuta Beach and the surrounding areas, this condition is affected by the increasing number of homestay, inn or hotel that was built in this area. One star hotel that has been operating around Kuta Beach and Beach Hotel Novotel Lombok Seger is, in addition, dozens of other hotels and homestays are also scattered around Kuta Beach Lombok, which is located only about 2 km from the beach Seger.perhiasan mutiara Tour Packages Pearl Jewelry South Sea Pearlswholesale

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